Specialty Servicing Built For Note Investors

Success-Based Pricing For Real Results

Main Street is the only full-service note investment company that facilitates the acquisition, servicing and specialty servicing (performed by certified asset managers), and divestiture of real estate notes under a success-based fee structure.

We specialize in servicing performing, non-performing, delinquent and/or distressed residential real estate loans tailored to the unique needs of the private note investor.

We service loans throughout the country, both for our own portfolio as well as the portfolios of small to mid-sized investors, financial institutions, hard money lenders and other organizations. 

Initially created to meet the internal needs of Main Street Capital Partners’ group of portfolios, we have recruited some of the most widely respected workout specialists and asset managers in the industry who themselves have been active note investors.

With hands-on experience that is unrivaled in today’s note space, we are able to offer our loan servicing and specialty servicing clients solutions that align with the unique needs of the private investor.

From our active owner-management team, to our Certified Asset Managers, we know the note business. And that makes all the difference when it comes to successfully managing your portfolio.

Success Based Fees

Our success-based fee schedule aligns our clients' interests with our own. Our win-win-win approach has proven that when we help the borrower find solutions that meet their individual situation, we maximize value to the note holder.

True "Hands-On" Servicing

We understand the difference between "attempts" and "results". Our specialists have the unique ability to establish trust with borrowers, understand their situation with compassion, and help them find a solution that serves the interest of all parties involved.

Specialty Servicing Exclusively For The Private Note Investor

Customer Care

• Customer Service Calls

• Payoff and Reinstatement Demands

• Bilingual Account Reps

• Online & Offline Payment Processing/ACH

• Insurance Monitoring

• Impound Accounts

Loss Mitigation

• Compassionate Workout Negotiation

• Repayment Plans

• Loan Modifications

• Forbearance Agreements

• Deed-in-Lieu Processing

• Short Sale Processing


• Comprehensive Account Review

• Skip Tracing & Borrower Contact

• Compliance Management

• Late Notices

• Breach Letters

• Senior Lien and Tax Tracking


• Foreclosure Management

• Bankruptcy Processing

• Bilingual Account Reps

• Proof of Claims

• Motion for Relief

• In-house Council

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